It’s all about me remember!

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In your business – it’s actually not about you at all – it’s all about your customers. Even when you are the business owner!

I was reminded of why this was so important recently…

Just prior to Christmas I tried to make an appointment with a new local business – the timing wasn’t great and before i knew it my diary had filled up. I called the business and left a message to say that I wouldn’t be able to make the appointment that i had made – gave them plenty of notice so it wouldn’t inconvenience them etc… I then get three voice mails from the business within a day chasing me to make another appointment with them. Yep. On the 4th call – I spoke to them. The person at the other end said bluntly – “well I can only fit you in on this day before I go on holidays for christmas”. Like they were the only people busy prior to christmas…..

The lesson for me was that sales and marketing is not about you – the business or business owner at all. It is all about your customers.

It really doesn’t matter what you have on – how busy you are or what your to do it list says that day – your customer is the most important thing to consider in all aspects of your sales and marketing program.

Whether it is 1-1 selling, an advertising campaign, e newsletter – the same simple message applies.

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