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Office Accessories / 11/08/2011

In-Sink Dishwasher – what a great idea!

Problem – a dishwasher is a notorious space eater in the kitchen of a home or office environment.

Solution – install an In-Sink Dishwasher!  View the design here.

What a great idea.  A dishwasher hiding under the drainboard of the sink. How intuitive and simple.

Whilst it is a bit on the  small side, it is perfect for a kitchen in an office.

The downside – from what I read online, the In-Sink dishwasher appears to be out of production..


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  • Gavin

    Yep, the Kitchen Aid ones are out of manufacture.  I wonder why?  Such a good idea!

    • Jo Macdermott

      I agree Gavin – seems such a shame :)

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