Small Business Marketing: Top Facebook Tips

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Social media is a large part of any small business marketing strategy. Facebook is the marketing channel of choice for many business to consumer businesses. Facebook marketing can be a very effective tool for your business but it does take a consistent effort and a bit of creative thinking.

Here are some suggestions to help you get the ball rolling with your Facebook marketing:

  1. Make sure your Facebook updates are relevant to your industry and/or product or service.
  2. Offer incentives to people for becoming Facebook fans.
  3. Encourage interaction and comments by asking questions.
  4. Engage with other businesses on their Facebook pages to spread awareness of your brand.
  5. If you can’t post regularly, use a scheduling service such as Hootsuite to make sure your page is regularly updated.
  6. Provide extra insider information for your Facebook fans such as special coupon codes and giveaways
  7. Run a Facebook contest.
  8. Use calls to action to encourage readers to ‘like’ your posts.

With any social media activity, it is crucial to track the results of your campaigns and be prepared to tweak it as necessary.  Social media is constantly evolving, so be prepared to make changes regularly.

It may actually take while to build up a following on social media, so if your Facebook page isn’t an instant hit, don’t panic! Make sure you have a well planned small business marketing strategy and make a consistent effort and you should see great results!

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If you’re running or marketing a business on behalf of someone else, you know how important it is to stay relevant, especially when it comes to marketing.



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