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One of my goals in 2014 is to really grow the Next Marketing business and over the summer break I was doing quite a bit of surfing on the Internet for inspiration (as you do)!

I must say that when I came across the title ‘Damn Good Advice‘ it really did jump out at me.  Not all advice is good, but most is at least worth listening too!

This is the description that made me hit order –

  • The indispensable guide to creative success
  • Iconic and witty thinking direct from heroic ad man and acclaimed cultural provocateur, George Lois – the legendary Mr Big Idea and original Mad Man
  • Punchy and explosive writing to explain, inspire and teach great thinking, creative excellence, the art of branding and salesmanship
  • Motivating, illuminating and above all, practical, these witty and audacious steps offer new insights into developing your talent for creative success
  • Essential reading for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, students or anyone who simply wants damn good advice!

Have you read ‘Damn Good Advice’?  Got any business growth tips to share?


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