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We have been working on many website projects lately which have all been interesting, different, challenging in their own ways and not to mention fun.

Launching a website is much a bigger project than it looks on the face of it.  To do a site properly (with all the right elements to make it a site that delivers some real value) actually takes a variety of people skills and ALOT of attention to detail.

Why is this top of mind, good question!  Just yesterday, a client who we manage Adwords for had a new site launched by a branding agency and as part of getting Adwords amended to suit the new site, we noticed these things

1) Google Tag hadn’t been implemented

2) Google analytics was tracking, however there was a two week gap (so the client had lost data while the agency put the wrong code in the site)

3) Webmaster indicated that there were 400 broken links when the new site got published (and SEO is a major consideration)

There will be more, that is just what we noticed without digging…

Here are some examples of our previous work which we are really proud to share.

1) PS Counselling

Extensive blog, shopping cart and lots of icons, landing pages and detail 🙂

PS Counselling Design Studio Website Project

2) Wilpak Group

A simple site to promote a very interesting rate of insulated pallet covers.  We love the slides in this site.

Wilpak Design Studio Website Project


A site with lots of animation and interesting IT elements. Check out the spinning people on the home page!

ALINK Design Studio website project

4) Guidance

This site relaunch’s the brand and positions the business correctly in its market, provides user experience for downloading many of the tools that Paul has developed and is much more ‘call to action’ driven.

Guidance FS - Digital Marketing Project

5) Freight Cost Solutions

A new design which really highlights the customer value proposition and brings the branding up to the match the premium service.

FCS - Digital Marketing Project

6) R2A

This website launch formally launches into market some new branding and the 10th edition R2A Engineering Due Diligence text. We love the new colours and circles, it is a nice update to a well respected brand.

Digital Marketing - R2A website project


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