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Feb 2015 –

I had a situation recently where I had to think through my reaction and challenge my thinking.  Here it is 🙂

I have been writing for Flying Solo (FS) since 2009 and have done so fairly regularly.  I have submitted articles so that I could be featured as often on the site that was allowable per contributor.

Also during that time, there have been a number of editors that I have worked with, originally Sam, then Jodie, Lucinda and most recently Kelly.  They are all really great editors.

When Kelly took over the post in January, I had a sense that things would change a bit, and I felt good about that, as in my world at Next Marketing, things change pretty rapidly.

In my normal fashion, I submitted content for Kelly to review and thought it would be a good way to see what the change would actually be and hit the ground running with a new editor.

Well, change is certainly coming.

First change was the my articles were heavily edited by Kelly, which was able to show me what the new style would be (and different to previous editors) and also as part of that email I received this message as well.

Business Tips: Flying Solo

The truth is I was really disappointed in the moment I was reading the message.  The truth is that FS have lots of really great contributors, some have been around for a long while like me, but clearly my work, didn’t make the grade to be ‘one of the 12’ or what I am now calling (just in my little world) the A team.

So how did I feel about being on the B team?  Initially not that good.  It’s not my style to be in the sub team, I like being part of the main action, so I really had to challenge my views.

So I thought, and thought if I should just say, thanks but no thanks. If I should ask why I didn’t make the A team, what should I do and what should my message back to Kelly be.

So this is where I got to –

* I write for Flying Solo in my own time, so committing to a regular gig may have been a bit hard to manage.

* I enjoy writing when it suits me, so submitting on my own schedule, does actually suit.

* Flying Solo is not my main gig, so perhaps the B team accurately reflects that.

* At the end of the day, I write for Flying Solo to get ROI for Next Marketing, and if that continues to happen, then I really don’t care if I am on the A team or B team.

So, there it is.  B Team is perfectly okay for me when it comes to being a contributor for Flying Solo.

Fast forward to July 2015 – 

So it seems that having the right attitude paid off. After writing this post, I kept submitting content, on my own timelines terms and the quality kept up with Kelly’s standards.  So when one of the other A team contributors stepped down, guess who got offered the gig. Me 🙂



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