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Even though I am not an attendee at Xerocon this coming week, its been a bit top of mind for a few reasons.

1) I am getting to meet my bookkeeper in person – Cassandra from Laurus (Cassandra – is a speaker at Xerocon) – Cassandra is in Brisbane and I am in Melbourne

2) Next Marketing Client – Andrew from Cloud Ease Consulting is attending and we will be kicking off a number of marketing programs for the Cloud Ease team after Xerocon

3) It’s at the Melbourne Showgrounds which is a very short distance from the Next Marketing office and chances are most attendees will travel to Xerocon via Racecourse Road and therefore drive straight past the Next Marketing office!

With that in mind, if you are looking for places and things to do after the Networking drinks Thursday night or want to take a walk during one of the breaks, I am pleased to share some local knowledge about my local area

Union Road – Ascot Vale

Union Road Ascot Vale is right on the doorstep of the Showgrounds. My two favourite places are

1) Scoozi

Business Tips - Xerocon

If pizza if your thing, then you really can’t go past Scoozi.

Thin crusts, fresh ingredients, awards and better still, Scoozi is one of three pizza restaurants in Australia to be acknowledged by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

You wont be disappointed.

2) Mr Nice Guys BakeShop

Business Tips - Xerocon

There is really too much to love about Mr Nice Guys.

Fresh cakes and sweets made daily, delicious treats and better still, everything is 100% egg-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, cochineal & gelatine-free, as well as certified Kosher, soy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, corn-free, Fructose free & low gi options!

My daughters 6th Birthday cake last weekend came from Mr Nice Guys and parents and kids were coming back for more.

Macaulay Road – Kensington

1) Hardimans Pub

Business Tips - Xerocon

If you are looking for a few drinks and a bit to eat at the ‘local’ then Hardimans is your place.

A section for food as well as a space for drinking, its warm in winter and has a great local atmosphere.

2) Jerry’s Burgers and Shakes

Business Tips - Xerocon

This is a lunchtime / take away favourite in the Next Marketing office as well as a hit with many locals.

There are burgers for everyone (vegetarians catered for) and the shakes are up there with the best.

Casual eating area is available inside or grab takeaway on your way back to your accommodation for the evening.

Racecourse Road – Flemington

1) Mr Ed

Business Tips - Xerocon

Right across the Next Marketing office is Mr Ed.

The Next Marketing team is often spotted there during the day and I am a fan of their burgers at night. The coffee is great and the food is super tasty. All made in-house.

In fact, we love Mr Ed so much we had our team photos taken there just this week.

Drop in and say hi to Rowan and Lou.

2) I Love Dumplings

Business Tips - Xerocon

The Flemington ‘I Love Dumplings’ is located in the old ANZ building and is popular both during lunch and at night. We had our office dinner at I Love Dumplings in January this year and the team often grabs lunch there during the week.

There is often a queue to get in Friday and Saturday night, so if dumplings is your thing, then don’t go past I Love Dumplings 🙂

Pin Oak Cresent (off Racecourse Road) Flemington

1) Laksa King

Business Tips - Xerocon

Last but not least is Luksa King, one of Urbanspoon’s most popular restaurants.

Luksa King is busy day and night and has long queues.

This is the no.1 stop for lunch for the Next Marketing team and can’t recommend it enough. FYI, its cash only 🙂

Have a great time at Xerocon 🙂

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