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Creating an effective brand involves a number of different factors. Whether you’re creating a new brand or looking to revamp an existing one, colour is one of the most crucial design elements to consider.

Colour is about far more than just making something look pretty, there are psychological associations with different colours and the colours you choose for your brand are a huge part of your overall message.

While the right choice of colours can help your brand to be perceived the way you want, the wrong choice of colours can have a negative impact on your brand’s effectiveness.

A professional designer is crucial to the process of selecting a colour palette as someone who is trained and experienced in the field will have an understanding of the different associations that we have with colour and can help you find the best colours to convey your intended message.

As well as looking at the psychological connotations of different colours, it’s important to be aware of trends. Colours, like everything else, are prone to change and what might have looked edgy and modern a few years ago can become out-dated very quickly.

According to the Pantone Color Institute in the US, there are a number of new and emerging trends in colour that we need to look out for over spring and beyond. Pantone themselves have just released 210 new colours that we are very likely to see in home and interiors, fashion and graphic design over the next few months.

Here are a few colour-based trends that you might want to look out for:

Soft pastels

Cooler, softer colours are definitely in this spring and summer, along with pastels for an understated yet still bold look.

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Understated bright colours

We can expect to see soft, cooler colours mixed in with brighter shades, but even the brighter colours won’t be over the top. Cadmium Orange is one of the new Pantone colours, and it’s described as warm, welcoming and subtly dramatic.


Earthy and neutral colours

It’s expected that we’re going to see a big return to earthy, natural colours like Pantone’ colour of the year, Marsala. This reddish brown colour is tipped to be big later this year. Earthy, neutral colours can be used on their own or to accentuate other colours in the palette.


Overall, it’s expected that soothing will take over from in your face bold colours and the mix of neutrals, bright understated colours and soft pastels will be prevalent with the aim of creating a soft, natural effect that we can find restful among the bustle of modern living.

Keeping up with trends is essential for marketing, and colour plays a huge part in your business branding. Whether you are looking to update your brand image, package new products or design your website and marketing materials, the right use of colour can help you keep your brand visually appealing and relevant to your target audience.

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