Next Marketing Wins Melbourne Design Award

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We’re thrilled to announce that we have won a design award for the branding and design for our client Signature Oysters. Not only do we congratulate our in house designer Eliza Minty we would also like to thank our client Signature Oysters, who we are very privileged to work with.

The team at Signature Oysters have had a long vision of revolutionising the way that oysters are marketed in Australia and when Signature Oysters approached us they had a logo and business plan to deliver on this goal.

It’s not often that we get the opportunity to start from scratch and launch a premium into highly competitive market whilst and at the same time, be considered part of the management team. After we wrote the marketing plan, we got to work with ‘making it happen’ and now the rest is history.

We can’t be more thrilled that our marketing and branding has opened the doors to some of the most well known restaurant brands in Melbourne, the foodie capital of Australia.

We would like to thank, among others; the team at Design100 for granting us the Melbourne Design Award, Eliza; for her fabulous design work and last but definitely not least, Signature Oysters, who gave us scope and creative freedom to do what we love most and do best, turning marketing into a substantial commercial outcomes.

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