5 Reasons to use Social Media for your Marketing

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Social media marketing used to be considered something of a trendy newfangled marketing strategy but these days it’s pretty standard for most businesses. Social media marketing can benefit businesses of all sizes but if you’re not confident using social media it can be a bit intimidating to start with.

Unlike more traditional forms of marketing, social media marketing is all about earning attention from your audience by providing them with valuable and/or entertaining content. If you can get it right, social media can be an extremely powerful marketing tool that lets you reach a wide audience at a very low cost.

If you’re not sure whether social media marketing is right for your business or not here are five reasons you should give it a try.

  1. 1. Social media is accessible from anywhere. This means that you can market your business from the train, your local coffee shop, in the queue at the post office or just about anywhere else you can think of. This makes it an easy marketing strategy to squeeze in when you don’t have big chunks of free time available.
  2. 2. Social media marketing is very scalable. Suited to businesses of all different shapes and sizes, social media marketing can grow with your business as it gets bigger and reaches a wider audience. Whatever the size of your business, your social media strategy can be tailored to fit without too much difficulty.
  3. 3. Social media gives you a higher level of interactivity than other types of marketing and advertising. Through social media your audience can lodge complaints, ask questions about your products and services and refer you to their friends all in one place. Interacting with people on social media helps you build strong, lasting relationships.
  4. 4. Social media marketing is very easy to do. Most people these days have at least a working knowledge of Facebook and Twitter and even if you don’t, they are very intuitive to use at a basic level. If you want to take your marketing to the next level you might want to engage professional help but setting up a page and posting regularly is usually manageable by even the most tech phobic people.
  5. 5. Social media is a great tool for network building. As well as helping you connect with your customers, social media also lets you build relationships with other related businesses and influencers who could help you grow your business in other ways.

If you haven’t already thought about social media marketing, it is probably well worth considering. Social media marketing is a fuss free way to engage your customers, reach new audiences and connect with influencers in your industry.

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The era of data is upon us. 2015 is the year that those who are still relying on gut instinct to make marketing decisions are likely to fall behind as the marketers who use data start to leap ahead.



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