6 Common Social Media Marketing Myths

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Social media marketing is a worthwhile marketing strategy for most businesses but it’s important to approach it with realistic expectations. Unfortunately, when it comes to social media marketing there are a number of misconceptions floating around that can lead to disappointment.

While social media can get you great results for your business, it does take a certain amount of effort and in some cases, money to really succeed. Some marketers are guilty of presenting social media marketing as the magic bullet for every business and this is definitely not the case.

Here are a few common social media marketing myths that you should avoid at all costs.

  1. It’s just for young people. While the stereotype of teenagers glued to Facebook and Instagram definitely has some basis in truth, social media is used by people of all ages. Whoever you are targeting there’s a good chance they will be active on social media so it’s worth getting involved even if your target audience isn’t Gen Y.
  2. It doesn’t cost anything. This is a big myth about social media marketing. While it is low cost in comparison to other marketing strategies, social media marketing still takes time and when you are running a business, time equals money. It’s important to factor this into your overall calculations when considering return on investment from your social media marketing.
  3. If I create a page people will automatically follow it. This is a common misconception and one that can lead to disappointment. Setting up a page or a profile on social media doesn’t mean people will automatically follow you. You will need to promote your page and follow other people to get the word out, at least in the beginning. After a while you will probably find people will start to follow you of their own accord but you will need to put in some effort to get the ball rolling.
  4. You can’t get social media marketing wrong. Social media is not idiot proof and there are plenty of examples of businesses that have got it very wrong with a thoughtless comment or post. If you make a mistake on social media it has the potential to go viral very quickly so it’s important to approach it carefully.
  5. It’s the only form of marketing you need. Social media marketing is not the be all and end all of marketing your business. While there are some businesses that operate predominantly via Faceook, they usually have other forms of marketing in place to bring people to their social media pages. A combined effort is usually the most effective, with face to face networking and other advertising and marketing in place to promote your social media pages.
  6. Social media marketing is going to bring hundreds of sales flooding in. This is rarely the case and having those kind of expectations can lead to disappointment very quickly. The benefits of social media marketing are often less tangible than a direct increase in sales. While you can make sales through social media depending on your type of business, social media marketing usually focuses on increasing engagement and promoting your business to new people rather than seeing a direct increase in sales.

While social media marketing can be highly effective, it’s important to understand what it can and can’t do. When you have realistic expectations you are more likely to stick with your social media marketing over the long haul and set realistic goals for your business.

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There are some obvious mistakes that businesses make which results in marketing being much harder than it needs to be. Tips and suggestions in this guide to help you avoid some common marketing mistakes.



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