Marketing: 10 Best Practices

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If you are a marketer and are looking at ways to make your brand to stand out, I know it can be tempting to try everything (and sometimes at the same time), however, in my experience, these sorts of marketing plans end up backfiring.

To market your brand and business successfully and to maximum effect, you need a plan of what works and here are ten tips to keep you on track. 

Think about your customer

Identify your target market. Be narrow, specific and brutal. Who it is that you really want to do business with?

Don’t get complacent

Always keep marketing even when you are at your busiest. There are always peaks and troughs in business and there is always room for growth, always market.

Mix it up

You know the phrase; ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ and this also applies (to some extent) for your marketing strategy. Use different techniques strategically and work on campaigns that support each other.

Make sure your contact information is everywhere

If your contact information isn’t easily accessible then no matter how good your marketing is, a potential customer will go else where.

Mobile is more important than ever

Everyone (it seems) has a smart phone and chances are they are using it for purchasing (B2B and B2C) decisions. Make sure your website is optimised for a mobile and make sure you are on all (the relevant) social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I couldn’t have grown the Next Marketing business without Google and good SEO and it continues to make the phone ring in the Next Marketing office. SEO is not dying. Everyone uses google to search for ‘things’. Making your website search engine optimised will increase your chances of getting found, especially if it is done well.

Content is key

Make sure you post high quality content, which is relatable to your business. Really think about what your customer will want to read and ultimately will it lead them to invest in your business. A good tip is to use your content to answer the problems your customers will want.

Social media

Be available on all the relevant social media platforms for your business. LinkedIn is the best channel at the moment for Next Marketing, however for our clients it ranges from Facebook to Instagram. Know your channel and work it consistently.

Don’t Spam

By all means promote yourself via email, however don’t spam. It is a sure fire way to lose customers, not gain more. By sharing good quality, interesting content, less frequently your consumers are more likely to share your content.

Advertise Online

Try Google or Facebook Ads to promote your business, even if it’s just for remarketing.

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