How to Leverage Charity Sponsorship for Business Marketing

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Supporting charitable and not for profit organisations is an excellent business marketing strategy that can pay off in a whole range of different ways both for the organisation you’re supporting and your own brand.

Corporate social responsibility also provides a number of opportunities for marketing and brand building. Most businesses that support charitable organisations don’t do so for the marketing benefits but it is well worth thinking about how you can promote what you are doing to your customers without coming across as tacky.

If you are a Marketing Manager, here are a few suggestions to help you realise the marketing potential of your charitable activities.

Decide the nature and level of your support upfront

There are a number of different ways you can support not for profit organisations and they are not all monetary based. Of course you can donate money, or you can volunteer your time to help out with events. In kind donations are also a great way to support an organisation by collecting or donating supplies and materials for a project.

Once you have decided on your contribution it’s time to tell the world all about it:


This is a great way to build your brand at events by displaying your corporate logo on prominent signs around the area. You can also give your volunteers branded t-shirts to wear at the event, further reinforcing your brand’s contribution and increasing your level of exposure to those attending.

Social Media

Not for profit sponsorships are ideally suited to social media. Social media content can focus around photographs of events or fundraising activities, updates on progress made towards fund raising goals, and announcements of upcoming sponsorships and events.

Not for profit related content is a great way to balance out your social media posts so they are not just focused on the services and benefits you provide.

Your company website

Your website is a great place to display information about your charitable partnerships and it is worth dedicating a page to your community activities. This page can contain links to previous and current projects you are supporting, and invite people to email you if they have a request for sponsorship.

You can also mention your support of different charities on your About Us page and don’t forget to post on your blog about each sponsorship opportunity you take up and how you contributed to their cause.

The organisations you support

Not for profit organisations often promote their sponsors in their own marketing communications and if the organisations you support offer this, it can be a fantastic way to promote your brand.

By engaging the services of a marketing consultant and by leveraging the opportunities to promote your not for profit sponsorship you can help build a stronger brand as well as raising awareness of local issues in the community. It really is a win/win situation.

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