Free Google Customer Insight Tool #2: YouTube’s Audience Retention Tool

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Advertising on YouTube is a key part of most marketing campaigns these days, whether it’s through their advertising platform or by creating video content and posting it on your brand channel. With video content growing in popularity, it’s important to be aware of what appeals the most to your target audience and create your content accordingly, but just how do you do this without being a mind reader?

While looking at your viewing numbers can be a good indicator of how well you’re going generally, how about getting right down into specifics and finding out what parts of each video were the most popular with your audience? By seeing where people skip back and watch again, and where they drop off during your videos, you can get a real look inside your audience’s heads to find out what you’re doing that engages them and what doesn’t.

This is where YouTube’s Audience Retention Tool comes into play. The Audience Retention tool lets you play your YouTube video beside a graph showing your viewer retention levels. You’ll be able to see at what points during your video you lost viewers, and where they were particularly engaged.

Look at what is happening when there’s a spike in your viewers and you will find out what appeals to your audience the most. You can use this insight when creating future YouTube videos to maximise your audience’s engagement and improve your results.

It’s not just your paid advertising that can be improved using this tool. If you create video blogs or guides or any other form of YouTube content you can use the Audience Retention tool to refine your content and improve its appeal to your target audience. It would be very difficult to get this level of feedback on your video content any other way unless you set up focus groups.

As video advertising is such a crucial part of marketing strategy, learning exactly what gets results and what doesn’t can help you make more engaging video ads and increase your return on investment.

By taking some time to debrief and look at the data to see what insights you can gather for future campaigns you can keep refining your video marketing and improve on your previous results.

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