Forbes Top 25 Disruptor #13: Google

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Google has been a huge player in the world of technology to date, and the company is known for its innovation and near world domination of the online landscape. When the Internet first became available worldwide, Google was one of the first to take advantage of the opportunity to catalogue websites for search.

As well as their search engine capabilities, Google has developed a whole number of other disruptive innovations with more in the pipeline. From online advertising to email and even mapping technology, Google has transformed a whole number of different industries by providing a simple, effective, low cost solution that meets customers’ needs.

Google’s innovative approach to technology is upheld throughout the whole organisation with employees allowed time and space to innovate, and offices equipped with everything they need to be able to do that. Their famed work environment adds authenticity to their brand and builds trust with consumers that they have the best and brightest minds working for them.

Google is so successfully disruptive because it anticipates the market and understands what people want not just now, but in the future as well. From virtual reality to driverless cars, it’s always interesting to see what Google will do next!

Note – this blog is part of a series titled – 25 Disruptive Brands

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