Forbes Top 25 Disruptor #16: 72andSunny

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This advertising agency is known for its disruptive and highly creative marketing campaigns and they have created campaigns for some of the best-known brands in the world including Adidas, Unilever and Samsung.

72andSunny is the go-to agency for any brand that wants to create a disruptive ad campaign and over the years it has been responsible for some award winning ad campaigns including it’s iSheep commercial for Samsung Mobile that took a swipe at Apple.

As well as creating ad campaigns that change the way consumers look at some well known brands, 72andSunny itself has a very innovative culture that is based on creativity and collaboration.

In an industry that’s well known for chewing employees up and spitting them out, 72andSunny take time to invest in their staff, from having an on site life coach to creating mentoring and apprenticeship type programs to nurture new talent.

One great feature of 72andSunny is that they are genuine, and they adopt their innovative and disruptive philosophy throughout their entire culture. This is definitely one sign of a truly disruptive organisation, and their collaborative approach to working as a team while supporting the individual goes against the more hierarchical approach of many ad agencies.

Note – this blog is part of a series titled – 25 Disruptive Brands

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