Forbes Top 25 Disruptor #17: SoulCycle

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What’s so disruptive about a spin class? Quite a lot it would seem, if the popularity of US based exercise company SoulCycle is anything to go by. These ultra exclusive, expensive exercise classes are often booked out in minutes and they have attained cult like status among well-heeled fitness fanatics.

Part of SoulCycle’s success is down to their innovative approach to branding and marketing. They rely heavily on social media, and they focus strongly on building a community of dedicated followers who then become evangelists for the brand, spreading the word among their own social networks. Many of their instructors are social media stars in their own right and inspire devotion in their followers.

Rather than working out at an anonymous sweaty gym with a random instructor shouting at you, SoulCycle takes a more personalised, gentler approach. Instructors dish out empowering life advice and over time, their customers build a personal relationship and a bond with them. It’s this feeling of connection and value that makes SoulCycle so successful and disruptive to the rest of the fitness industry.

Creating a strong brand is a very common feature among disruptive companies, and SoulCycle really excels at this. They are present on social media where their customers are and they work on building a community instead of more traditional forms of advertising.

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