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As part of my ongoing professional development as a Marketing Consultant, I attended the WSGN Futures for Inspirational Design event (December 2016) and I wanted to share some of the insights I gained at this fantastic event. WSGN specialises in trend forecasting for different industries around the world and this event looked closely at some of the main visual trends that dominated 2016 and are likely to continue through to 2017.

I got a lot out of this event so I thought I would share with you the six style trends highlighted by WSGN as being of particular note for marketers this year and next.

  1. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is hardly a new marketing strategy. It’s been around for just about as long as marketing itself and it’s still as effective now as it always has been. The way we use FOMO, however, has changed especially with social media and digital marketing. We now have even more ways to create FOMO in our audiences through social media strategy, influencer marketing and visual content.
  1. Gamification: Pokemon Go has shown us a whole new way to gamify brands using augmented reality and gamification is starting to creep into many different areas in our lives from health to ordering takeaway food. Brands with a physical store can find ways to gamify the customer experience and connect with their customers across a number of different demographics. If done well, gamification is shareable and encourages competition and participation. It’s relatively new but we’re going to see plenty more of it in 2017.
  1. The sharing economy: The sharing economy has been growing for the last few years with companies like Uber and Air BnB disrupting entire industries and creating new ways for consumers to access the services they want. We’re going to see more of this in the coming year, and with some of the technological advancements like readily available and shareable data, collaborating and participating in the shared economy is becoming easier for brands than ever before.
  1. Oddvertising: This is an interesting trend that has had a lot of success over the past year especially when targeting the younger generation of consumers. Oddvertising campaigns embrace the quirky and create a buzz through getting people talking about them. Oddvertising can be a lot of fun and the campaign itself doesn’t necessarily have to relate to your brand or even make sense although it works better if it has some relevance to your audience.
  1. Irony: Given the worldwide financial and political tension, it’s no wonder that consumers are looking for some humour and irony can be a great way to communicate and engage them with your brand. The trick with irony is to be seen as not taking yourself too seriously – this is refreshing in a world full of very serious events. If you can pull it off, using irony will often get you respect especially among the young males among your audience.
  1. Rebranding: For many brands, the start of a new year is a good time to stop and reflect on where they are now, and where they are heading. Over the last year we’ve seen a number of dramatic rebrands and overhauls of established brands. Rebranding completely can seem like a drastic step but if what you’re doing isn’t working, changing your approach has the potential to really pay off. Be aware though that chopping and changing too many times can make you appear inconsistent and it can be confusing to your audience.

Hopefully these six marketing trends have given you some insight and inspiration to make this year, your most successful year yet!

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