How to Use Augmented Reality to Market Your Business

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Augmented Reality was a bit of an abstract concept for many of us until Pokemon Go took the world by storm. Now it seems everyone is leaping on the augmented reality bandwagon and finding ways to make use of this new technology for their brand.

You may not realise it yet but augmented reality is a huge game changer for marketers and consumers. It allows people to experience products before they buy them, and see exactly how they will look in their home or on their person. Augmented reality is changing the way people buy and make purchasing decisions and it has the potential to transform your business marketing.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality allows users to overlay virtual content on to the physical world using specialised virtual reality equipment or their own smartphone camera. Augmented reality creates an immersive experience for customers and allows them to make informed decisions before they buy.

For many customers AR is a combination of fun and practicality. Trying out different furniture in your living room, or different sunglasses on your face is entertaining at the same time as being very helpful.

For marketers and brands, using AR gives them a potentially higher number of sales and faster turnaround time. If customers can try on your products without having to visit a physical store, they will be more inclined to purchase them online. It can also promote more purchases and sales without any effort on the brand’s part.

How to incorporate AR into your brand’s marketing

If you’re thinking of using AR to grow your brand, it’s important to plan it out carefully. Hastily created and poorly thought out AR can come across as gimmicky and while your customers might have fun playing with it, it probably won’t prove all that helpful when it comes to increasing sales.

Think about how you can use AR to add real value to your customers’ experiences with your brand. How can you bring your products or venue to life through your customers’ smartphone cameras? Try to steer clear of advertising and promotions. While these can be helpful when used sparingly, people will likely get tired of them very quickly.

Using AR for sampling purposes is a good way to go. Think makeup, clothes, furniture or anything else that can be tested out virtually without a customer having to go in to a physical store. Location is another use for AR. This can be useful for physical retailers who might want to place AR around their store to help customers find products more quickly and navigate around. You can draw their attention to deal and discounts and upsell at the same time as assisting them.

Augmented reality allows for an immersive customer experience, which can greatly improve your sales and build greater brand loyalty. While it is fairly new at the moment, AR is an ideal marketing strategy for many brands and it’s something that should be seriously considered.

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