Instagram: What Can We Learn from the Top 25 Brands?

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Visual social media platforms like Instagram remain as popular as ever which means it can be hard to get noticed among the noise. The most successful brands on Instagram use very specific strategies that are carefully selected to make them stand out, boost follower numbers and maximise their level of engagement.

Marketers everywhere can learn a lot from the select few brands that have found success on Instagram. Recently, design platform Canva put together a list of lessons that we can all learn from the top 25. I thought I would share some of the most important highlights that you can incorporate into your social media marketing this year.

  1. Uniformity in tone and style of images. One thing the top Instagram brands have in common is that they use a consistent style to their images. By keeping a generally similar visual effect with consistency in tone, style and lighting they can make their images instantly recognisable.
  2. A colour scheme that matches your branding. This is crucial if you want to create a strong brand on Instagram. Think about how your brand colours can be incorporated into your images and you’ll be well on your way to Instagram success.
  3. Encourage follower interaction. Taking the example of brands like Skittles, Sharpie and Starbucks, Instagram is a great place to encourage people to interact with your brand by photographing themselves with your products in different locations. This encourages engagement and also gets your followers involved in promoting your brand to their own followers.
  4. Choose images that embody your brand values. To vary things up a bit, and to increase your levels of engagement, you can take a leaf out of the book of many of the big Instagram brands and post images that incorporate your overall brand message and values. This is a great way to avoid monotony and it works especially well if your particular product is not especially photogenic or exciting to look at.
  5. Share behind the scenes images. Many brands including Netflix and General Electric focus on sharing behind the scenes images of their staff or products to build engagement and give followers a deeper level of insight into their story.

Instagram is so widely used these days that it’s almost essential for any brand to have a presence there. By taking a few pointers from the most successful Instagram marketers you can enjoy greater social media marketing success for your brand.

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