3 Features That Will Boost Your Easter (Holiday) Adwords Campaigns

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Google Adwords is the staple of many a business’ online marketing strategy, especially at this time of year.  If you rely on Google Adwords for your online advertising, you’ll probably be glad to hear that Google has recently (ish) released a number of new features and changes to the platform that makes it even easier to get great results from your Adwords campaigns.

Here are a few of the main highlights and some tips for making use of them in your holiday campaigns:

  • Bid adjustments: The right bid strategy lets you save money and improve your ROI on your seasonal campaigns. Now you can optimise your bids across different devices with the ability to set individual bid adjustments for different devices including mobile, tablet and computers. This feature lets you optimise so you get the most cost effective performance on each different device type. The bid adjustment feature works most effectively in tandem with the Smart Bidding feature that automates bids and lets customers use the power of Google’s insights to set informed bids and optimise their advertising.
  • Improved workflows: Keywords are a major part of any Google Adwords strategy and it’s now easier than ever to add those holiday keywords into your campaigns and specify what you want to do with each one. The new spreadsheet style layout gives each keyword a row making it easier to set the maximum CPC, match type and ad group by typing them into the relevant field. Finding and adding new keywords is also easier now as you can integrate your keywords with the Search Terms Report and add new terms directly from this report.
  • Performance measurement: Tracking the performance of your ad campaigns is crucial if you want to improve your results over time. This is another area where Google has improved things somewhat by letting you see the top and bottom performing keywords more easily than before. There are also some additional custom metrics that let you filter your reports so you only see the data that is relevant to you. Google has also added impression share for AdWords keywords, along with Bing Ads quality score.

Now is the time to find ways to maximise your AdWords campaigns to take advantage of the seasonal traffic. By using these new Adwords features you’ll be able to create more efficient campaigns, track their progress and success and improve your ROI this festive season.

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