Forbes Top 25 Disruptor #25: Virgin

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Virgin founder Richard Branson is well known for his disruptive business philosophies and his love of pushing boundaries, especially when it comes to airline travel. One recent example of this is the recently released interactive seat tours feature that Virgin America customers can make use of when they book a flight.

Through Virgin Seat View, customers can experience what it’s like to sit in the seat they choose before they make a commitment. The feature uses Google’s Street View technology to create a 360-degree image of the inside of the aircraft.

As well as this great feature, Virgin America is disrupting the budget flight industry in the US by offering a huge range of great customer service initiatives including personal entertainment consoles, power outlets and Wi-Fi for every seat. This comes at a time when many US based budget airlines are under fire from disgruntled customers for their lack of customer service.

By looking after their customers, Virgin America is creating a loyal brand following and disrupting the budget airline industry by giving consumers choice and challenging the widely held idea that budget air travel has to be an unpleasant experience.

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