How to Use Analytics Effectively

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Analytics is a fantastic tool that lets you see how your online marketing activities are going. Analytics used to be an optional tool for the tech savvy, but now according to a report commissioned by EverString in conjunction with Forrester Consulting, it’s used by around 89% of B2B marketers.

While there are a number of different analytics platforms out there, they all let you track your marketing results and see how each campaign is performing. Analytics can be a little daunting to the uninitiated, but once you get to grips with it, it’s not too difficult to use and you can gain really valuable insights into your marketing. Analytics is best used to track your marketing goals and see easily where your campaigns are working and where they might need some tweaking.

A great marketing strategy shouldn’t rely on guesswork but without the right data, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Even the most simple analytics platforms let you see clearly where you are getting great results for your marketing spend and where you are wasting your time and money.

This awareness can help you tighten up your overall marketing campaigns and adjust your strategy to focus on the most profitable and effective channels and tactics. It also lets you see where something might not be working in real time so you can make adjustments on the fly and improve the effectiveness of each and every marketing campaign.

To get the most out of any analytics platform you’ll need to get to grips with setting up goals and funnels with value assigned, using forward and reverse path analysis to show the most effective content and using event tracking so you can see which calls to action and content are getting you the most leads and conversions.

In most cases it’s not as complicated as it sounds to set up and understand analytics but if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself you may want to consider outsourcing the analytics and data side of your marketing campaigns. More and more brands are using analytics and data to inform every step of their marketing and this means that the ones who aren’t are going to get left behind.

One great feature of analytics is that it lets you test and perform experiments so you can see which pieces of content, ads and headlines get you the best results. This gives you really valuable insight into your audience and means you can tailor future marketing campaigns to make use of your strengths and improve your results further.

Analytics is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. If you’re not using analytics yet, it’s not too late!

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