How to Get More Leads from Social Media

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Social media is a fantastic marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes and while many of us are familiar with the use of social media for B2C marketing, it can also have great payoffs for B2B marketers.

Social media marketing lets you connect with potential customers, build connections and bring more leads to your business. The specific platform and strategy you’ll use in your social media marketing will vary depending on your target market and your marketing goals.

For B2B organisations, LinkedIn is generally the best platform to use but you can also see a lot of success from Facebook and Twitter. It all depends on who your target audience is and where they like to spend time.

Social media marketing takes a consistent, regular effort to be effective and these days it does require some financial investment if you want to promote your content and make it really stand out.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking to increase your leads from social media:

  • Create content that’s useful and shareable. To be shareable your content needs to be useful or entertaining – try to avoid sharing content that is just a sales pitch or that does not really benefit the user in any way. If your followers sense they’re being sold to they are likely to stop following you altogether.
  • Curate content. You don’t have to create all your own original content to build your profile on social media. Content curation involves finding and sharing great content from other people and it’s part of any successful social media strategy. Curating other people’s content is a great way to build relationships with influencers or other brands on social media – as you promote their content they may in turn promote yours.
  • Pick the social media platforms that work for you. Because of the time investment required for social media marketing, you’re better off focusing on a small number of platforms than trying to maintain a presence everywhere. Choose the two or three social media platforms that get you the most engagement and focus on those.
  • Make use of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a B2B marketer’s best friend. While you can get results with the basic tools, there are a ton of great features that can help you promote your content, connect with potential customers and grow your network faster. If you’re not sure how they work, take some time to learn so you can use LinkedIn to its best advantage.
  • Track what’s working using Google Analytics. By using Assisted Conversion in Google Analytics you can see which social media platforms and campaigns are getting you the best actual results. By that I mean the number of people who are actually converting (whether your goal is to get an email address, or a direct sale, or a contact) thanks to your social media marketing efforts. By seeing which platforms work best, you can further target your efforts to improve your results.

Social media marketing is a great way to get leads and conversions for your business. Because it can be quite time consuming it’s important that you make the most of your time and effort with a strategic, consistent approach.

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