Why You Should Write Evergreen Content

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You may in your travels have heard the term evergreen used in connection with written content. It’s not a new term, but while it’s used widely in the content marketing industry, it’s a term and concept that many marketers and business owners are not necessarily familiar with.

What is evergreen content?

According to the principles of content marketing, to promote your business effectively online, you need to produce quality content and plenty of it. However, creating an endless stream of relevant up-to-date content can be time consuming and exhausting, which is why it makes sense to produce content that will keep working for you long after you have hit the publish button.

Which leads me the to definition of evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that doesn’t die off or become less relevant after a period of time.

What are the benefits of writing evergreen content?

Articles that are about current events and news can be useful to bring in short-term traffic, but over time their relevance will fade. In contrast, evergreen content will continue to be interesting and appealing to your audience well into the future after the initial publishing date.

For the best results from your evergreen articles, make sure they are written with your keywords in mind and are of a high standard. If they are well written, and full of useful information, your articles stand a better chance of being read and loved over a long period of time. Over time, your evergreen articles can keep attracting views, links and social shares, which will help build up your reputation and online authority.

Should all my content be evergreen?

It is a good idea from the point of view of a marketing strategy to have a mixture of evergreen and current content on your site. It is advantageous to have a solid base of evergreen content, but don’t neglect news-type articles. An article about a topic that is currently being widely searched can bring a lot of traffic to your site at any one time, even though it probably won’t be sustained over the long-term like the traffic your evergreen content brings in.

Just because your content is evergreen doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t be updated either. If you have a substantial base of evergreen articles on your site, it is worth reviewing them every so often and updating any information that is no longer relevant.

You may also like to update figures and statistics, for example, or add new developments in a particular field. This is usually fairly simple and fast to do, because you don’t have to rework the whole article.

Reviewing and updating any evergreen content that needs it can help you get extra mileage out of your articles, and make them seem fresh and current, so they keep your online presence flourishing.

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