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Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for brands in a range of different industries, but if you’re going to get the most out of it there are a few technical tweaks you’ll need to make.

Managing your links on Instagram is more important than you might realise. If you’re ever going to know how effective your Instagram campaign is, you’ll have to get some link tracking in place and unfortunately this isn’t built into Instagram in the same way it is for some other social media platforms.

You don’t need a huge amount of technical skill to manage your Instagram links and see how many people are clicking on your posts and visiting your website from Instagram. There are some great URL shortening tools out there that can help, including PrettyLink and

While they don’t require a lot of technical expertise, link management tools in themselves are not the full solution. If you want to track how much traffic your links are getting in a specific timeframe (e.g. a month), you’ll need to update them monthly, or weekly, or bimonthly or for each campaign, depending on what timeframe you plan to measure.

Short is also better when it comes to your links. A short link is easier to remember and if you customise it to include a key word that’s relevant to the content, this will get you better results.

Instagram analytics

Of course all this link management is wasted effort if you have no idea how much traffic you’re getting. Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t have analytics built in which means you’ll need to use a third party tool like Iconosquare or Social Blade.

Once you’ve got your analytics in place you’ll want to keep a close eye on your engagement levels so you can see which type of posts get the best results. It’s a good idea to create some kind of central tracking spreadsheet where you can enter the relevant numbers and compare month to month to get a clearer picture of how your Instagram account is performing over time.

You can use analytics to set goals and make projections for future projects, as well as seeing whether or not you are on track to meet your current Instagram objectives.

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