How to Create Fantastic Images for Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms around, but it’s also one of the most commonly ignored by marketers who often prefer to stick with the safer options of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To the uninitiated, Instagram can seem a bit intimidating with its picture perfect images and unfamiliar interface, but in reality, Instagram is actually very easy to use and can be incredibly worthwhile.

One common misconception about Instagram is that you have to have a high level of design skills to create images that will get you noticed. This is definitely not the case, and even if you have very little (or no!) visual talent there are some great tools and tips that can help you create Instagram worthy images for your brand.

Typorama, Photofy and Instaquote are just a few of the great apps out there that are specifically designed to help you create visual content in the form of images or quotes to post on Instagram.

Because your brand is on show, it’s essential that anything you do post on Instagram is high quality, compelling and in line with your brand values and identity. There are a few things you can do to help improve the quality of the images you post on Instagram:

  • Protect your images by watermarking them. Something as simple as adding a logo to your images means that whenever they are shared they will keep working for you as a brand awareness tool.
  • Vary it up to keep things interesting. Don’t feel you need to use images in all your posts. It is a good idea to mix different backgrounds to keep things a bit more varied. You can include solid coloured backgrounds, textured backgrounds and images to mix things up and also save yourself the trouble of having to find a perfect image for every single post.
  • Quotes are a powerful tool. Quotes can be incredibly powerful and engaging, and they often get a lot of shares. They are also much easier to put together than images and can bring you better results.
  • Create a theme for your Instagram posts. All your Instagram posts should have a similar look and feel that is in line with your organisation’s branding. It doesn’t have to be too matchy matchy, but if you can, try to bring elements of your branding into each post, even if it’s just a certain colour or font style.

The right images are absolutely crucial for the success of your Instagram marketing. Once you’ve got your images right the rest will follow on from that. If you’re hesitating over Instagram, now is the time to jump right in and see firsthand the great results you can get for your brand.

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