How to Make Your PR Pitch Really Stand Out

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Trying to market and grow a business can be tough. I can speak from experience as I grew the Next Marketing business single handedly from nothing. As a marketer, whether you are in start up mode or not, you need all the help you can get if you want to grow your brand and catch the eye of the right people.

Getting published or having a story written about your brand in a major publication can be an effective, free way to draw attention to your business and increase your credibility but like many other things in life, it’s not always easy.

I have discovered for myself over the years how elusive good PR can be, and finding and making use of PR opportunities for my business and my clients is something I’ve been trying to improve on recently. With a ratio of four or five PR people to each editorial writer there can be stiff competition but I’ve learned that it is possible to get noticed and have your story published, if you approach the right people in the right way.

Talk up any personal relationships

Writers and editors are bombarded by email requests to publish content or feature stories so any foot in the door connections are worth their weight in gold. Having some kind of personal relationship with the person you’re pitching to can get you off on the right foot and just might mean that your voice gets heard over the rest of the noise. Why not start by connecting on LinkedIn?

Target your pitch to what they want

Most publications have a clearly defined audience and style. Content or information that adds value to their audience and appeals to their readers is going to get more attention than irrelevant content. Make sure you target your pitch to highlight how your story fits each publication’s target audience and what value you can bring to them.

Make it good

Any content that you want to pitch for PR purposes needs to be high quality. To interest most publications it will need to contain either breaking news, new research or have emotional interest for their readers. Keep this in mind when preparing content and pitching it for the best chance of success.

Write a subject line that stands out

For email pitches, the strength of your subject line is of supreme importance when it comes to whether or not it’s going to be read. An intriguing, attention grabbing, or personalised subject line is going to stand out in a sea of generic ones.

Example of a weak subject line –

“Press Release from Jo Macdermott”

Example of a stronger subject line –

“Content Marketing Tips for SME’s by Jo Macdermott – Content Marketing Award Winner”

Keep your pitch short and sweet

The idea behind a pitch is not to tell the whole story, but to highlight the main points and give the reader a reason to ask for more details. Remember, the editor or publisher reading your pitch won’t have a lot of time so keep it short, within 100 to 200 words and to the point.

PR is a great form of publicity for marketers as it’s free and it can let you reach a high volume of people all at once. With the right techniques, and some persistence it is possible to enjoy a high level of success in your PR efforts – keep at it and you might be surprised where you get published.

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