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Getting ‘back to basics’ is similar to doing an audit. It’s about pulling out all of your marketing, advertising and sales materials and reviewing each piece to ascertain if it’s delivering the best possible outcome for your brand. If nothing else, regular auditing is a good discipline to have in your marketing on an ongoing basis.

Here are some practical examples of marketing activities you can do that don’t cost the earth.


Have you ever been onto a website that contains obviously out of date information? Your first step on your ‘back to basics’ marketing journey is to be brave enough to visit your website and take an honest view of what it says about your business.

Here is a checklist of what to look for: –

  1. Does your home page have out of date information on it?
  2. If the last time you wrote a blog entry or e-newsletter was four years ago, then perhaps you should have that section taken away.
  3. Do you have price lists or timetables available for download that expired 12 months ago?
  4. Does your website have a last updated date? If you don’t regularly update your site, consider having it removed.
  5. Does the text in your website read from a customer’s perspective and is appealing to their needs and not yours?
  6. Are there spelling and grammatical mistakes in what you have written?

Sales letters

Next Marketing recently completed a large audit for a client that involved reviewing all of the sales collateral in their business. What we found from this process was that there wasn’t any level of consistency in the message or tone of how this business was being projected. This can easily happen to any business.  Documents are produced over a period of time by different employees, and in this case tended to reflect the personality of the author rather than a constant and common business tone.

Voicemail messages

In your office, what does your voicemail message actually say? When was the last time you changed it? Perhaps you could update it once a month with a new message about something that is happening in your business. Voicemail messaging is a cheap and cost effective way of keeping those who contact you up to date with activities in your business. So why don’t you get your diary and start to plan for your regular updates now?

Email signatures

There is no doubt that we use email for a substantial part of our business and personal communication. What is less frequently used though is marketing or sales messages in your email signature. What I am referring to is something quite short, perhaps a line or two or a link about something that is happening in your business.

In summary – here are things to look out for in your back to basics approach:

  1. Spelling mistakes
  2. Grammatical errors
  3. Documents that are out of date
  4. Incorrect details
  5. Pricing that is old.

To help position your business favourably in the eyes of your prospective customers, it is a good business discipline for you and your team to regularly review, audit and refresh all your basic business tools.

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