After the Event; Post-Event Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Should Use

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Most successful events are the result of weeks of planning and stress. The feeling of relief once they are over can be immense but the work doesn’t stop once the last guest has left. Chances are you put a lot of effort into planning and executing your event and you want to make sure you get the most out of it. This means taking the time to follow up and turn promising leads into customers.

Follow up quickly

Send an email to everyone who attended your event while you are still fresh in their minds. This is a great opportunity to ask for feedback, let them know about your blog or invite them to subscribe to your email list and follow you on social media. Feedback can be invaluable as it gives you a source of testimonials and an idea of what areas you can improve on next time.

If you met any potential leads make sure you follow up with them within 3-4 business days. Don’t put off picking up the phone and writing those emails. Make the most of all your hard work and time spent networking by taking a proactive approach to nurturing promising leads.

Get people talking

After the event is over it’s important to keep the discussion going, especially on social media. Keeping people talking about your event helps them remember you and spreads the word about the event to those who didn’t attend.

You can stimulate discussion by sending around photos of the event, challenging the ideas that were presented and sharing popular tweets. Try to use the ideas and discussions from the event to spark conversations on your blog or social media pages.

When posting photos, make sure you include captions. Try to be creative rather than just naming people. What were they saying? What was the reaction? This can help jog peoples’ memories and bring back the feelings and thoughts they had during the event far more effectively than simply recapping who was there.

For extra exposure why not write a blog post about the event for your business blog or as a guest post for a relevant industry site? When blogging and talking about the event, don’t just give a playback, focus on the ideas that were presented and the discussions that were stimulated to get a conversation going.

Creating and implementing a post-event marketing plan leads to a number of benefits including increased traffic to your site, more followers on your social media pages and a higher awareness of your business within your industry.

A well-planned and executed event can be a big plus for your business and helps you build a community of high profile followers. If you can connect your business with thought leaders in your industry, it will enhance your reputation and authority.

Following up gives you the chance to leverage everything you achieved at the actual event and build up your brand’s reputation over the long term.

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