Why You Need to Focus on Values Based Marketing

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Marketing is an industry of rapid change, and whatever time of year it is, you’re bound to come across hundreds of ‘must do’ marketing strategies and predictions for the future of the industry. One tried and tested marketing strategy that never goes out of style is values based marketing.

Values based marketing may be a relatively new development but in its core it’s been around for a long time. Values based marketing means building your brand around a set of core values and principles and then promoting them in your marketing and everything else you do.

Why is values based marketing so important?

While it might have been around for a while, values based marketing is more important than ever now. In our current global climate, with extensive polarisation between different groups in society and conflict all around us, more and more people these days are looking for brands and organisations that reflect their core values and principles.

Values based marketing is changing from being largely a set of principles that a brand promotes in their marketing materials to a set of core values and fundamental principles that an organisation operates by. To effectively use values based marketing, you need to make sure the values you espouse are clear across all your brand touchpoints and that they form a fundamental part of the very fabric of your organisation.

How can you use values based marketing for your brand?

The principle of values based marketing is that if a customer believes you share their values they are more likely to stay loyal to your brand. When you promote certain values within your brand or align yourself with a specific cause, it makes you more relatable and appealing to your target market.

While many brands claim to promote certain values, the ones who really stand out when it comes to values based marketing are the ones that go the extra step further and actually lead by example. Think about how you can put your values into action by supporting a cause that’s important to you or standing up against something that goes against your core values.

If there is a political issue that particularly appeals to you or that strongly goes against your brand values, why not consider creating a campaign or doing some work to raise awareness among your target audience and the wider population as a whole. By positioning yourself in relation to an issue you can gain exposure and connect with a larger audience, as well as showing that your core values resonate with your target audience’s.

If current political events are anything to go by it’s likely that values based marketing is only going to increase in popularity and importance in the future. Get on board with it now and you could be setting yourself up for a strong, prosperous future.

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