Testing Tips for Video Marketing

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Testing is part of any effective marketing strategy. If you’re going to give a new strategy a try, you can read up on theories until they are coming out of your ears but at some stage you’re going to have to put your theories into action and test out your marketing ideas on a practical level.

While testing can be a bit of a haphazard process, it’s going to work a lot better if you can approach it with a strategic mindset. By determining ahead of time what you are testing for and why, you can avoid wasting any time and gain valuable insight into what actually works and what doesn’t.

Google has some great advice for anyone who is thinking of implementing a regime of testing into their marketing, especially their video marketing. Because video marketing is relatively new, it is an area of marketing that does often require a fair amount of testing to determine what is right and going to work for your brand and audience as a whole.

Featured on Think With Google, GSK Consumer Healthcare recommends that before you do any testing, you sit down and go through these four questions:

  1. Will it help us better understand our customers?
  2. Will it address our objectives as a business or brand?
  3. Will it teach us something new?
  4. Will we learn scalable lessons that we can use after the campaign is over?

These are great questions and what’s fantastic is they give you a framework to use when you are testing to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed or lose focus on your overall objectives. Once you have decided what you want to test and why, you can compare the insights you get to your initial framework and make future decisions about marketing projects and strategies based on this information.

When it comes to video marketing, you may want to test different voiceover, music, ad length and just about anything else you can think of. Be aware that you will get different results for different industries – as different audiences will respond to these elements in a unique way.

Testing isn’t something you should do once and then forget about. If you’re going to continue to stay ahead of the rest of the crowd you need to keep testing regularly.

Testing leads to innovation and greater creativity and if you want to benefit from an innovative business that stays at the cutting edge of new developments, experimentation and testing should be a core part of your marketing strategy.

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