Two Features That Will Boost Your LinkedIn Marketing

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LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for B2B marketing and they have announced two more features that are going to make it easier than ever for B2B marketers to grow their brands on LinkedIn. These features will centre on the InMail and Job Search functions within LinkedIn and both of them are designed to make it easier for users to access analytics and data to improve their job or client search.

InMail Analytics Report

While this is only available to recruiters at the moment, hopefully it will be rolled out to everyone in the not too distant future. The InMail Analytics report lets users see the spotlights that get the best response rates and also look at which candidates at various companies respond better. The Analytics report also tells you which InMail templates get the best results.

These are not the only changes that will be made to the Analytics report. According to LinkedIn, there will be a number of additional improvements including changes to the user interface, updates to the dashboard, insights that are actually actionable and information about response rates for candidates at different schools.

This is a lot of changes and improvements and it will give recruiters the opportunity to learn much more about their candidates so they can connect with them more effectively and improve their response rates. Hopefully these changes will be spread out more generally soon so that B2B marketers can also take advantage of them to improve their own outreach.

Mobile job search matches

The job matches feature on LinkedIn displays job openings to mobile users via LinkedIn’s mobile app. So far this has resulted in a surge in people looking at jobs and it’s hoped this will lead to more people applying for jobs via LinkedIn.

The job search feature includes insights that match peoples salary highlights, skills, location and personal preferences and also incorporates real time feedback from members concerning job matches. It’s hoped this will lead to improved matches in the future as the algorithm learns and adapts.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for B2B marketers to hunt for new clients and also for organisations to find great marketing candidates. By making the most of all the LinkedIn features, you can improve the results of your job search and boost your chances of finding the perfect candidate for your marketing organisation.

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