When and How to Use Hyper- Personalisation in Marketing

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Many marketers these days are drowning in data and this is due to a combination of increased data gathering technologies along with hyper personalisation. Hyper personalisation is when data is used to drill down to the minutest detail of a customer’s preferences and previous behaviour to create ultra specific personalised marketing content.

While it’s an excellent marketing strategy, to use hyper personalisation to its best advantage, you need to rely on a significant amount of data about your customers and their behaviour. This requirement for data has led to a huge amount being collected, much of which is never used to its best advantage.

Hyper personalisation is best used in more personal forms of marketing like email marketing and customer service communications. Here, your audience will probably appreciate a strongly personalised approach. Think about using their name and creating content specifically designed for them based on their previous interactions with your brand or website.

You can also use personalisation on your website by tailoring your site to show content based on what your viewer has already looked at. This can come in the form of pop up notifications, dynamic content that changes according to the user, or pieces of content like product recommendations that match the individual user’s preferences or previous purchasing behaviour.

Remarketing is an area where you should use hyper personalisation sparingly as many customers find it a bit creepy to have personalised ads following them around the Internet.

The trick with personalisation is to get the balance right and make your marketing materials relevant and engaging without being stalkerish or intrusive. Part of this involves a deep understanding of the data that your marketing personalisation is based on.

When it comes to marketing data, context is everything. For example, how do you know when a customer is making a purchase for themselves or as a gift? How will this insight relate to your overall marketing campaign?

Getting the data right is half the battle when it comes to your marketing personalisation, if the data is telling you that your customers are getting put off by your intensively personalised campaigns, it is probably time to back off a bit.

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