Virtual Reality: Tips for Success

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Virtual Reality (VR) may be the next frontier for marketers but the technology is new and this is leaving many brands scratching their heads and wondering how exactly to make use of VR to engage consumers and grow their business.

You’ve probably heard about VR and while it seems like a vague concept at the moment, it’s predicted that virtual reality is going to take off in the next few years. If these predictions are to be trusted, VR will rapidly become something that we are all using, especially those brands that want to really engage their customers and create a truly immersive experience.

Think with Google has some really practical insights into using VR for marketing thanks to their recent Art, Copy and Code project where they created a VR video to demonstrate some of the potential that VR has for brands that are looking to build engagement with their audiences. What was interesting about this piece of content is that it was headset optional so you could view it on a smartphone without any VR technology – the focus being on the immersive experience that was created.

Here are a few of the main insights shared. Many of these will be really useful for anyone who is wondering how to go about using VR for their branding:

  • Think about how you can create a world around your brand, and encourage your audience to step into this world. The focus on VR is largely about creating an experience and an immersive world where people can enter and be surrounded by your brand so they have the opportunity to experience it for themselves.
  • The world of VR is still so new that conventions for narratives and storylines are as yet undefined. This means there is a lot of room for experimentation. Brands are going to need to be prepared to try a bit of an experimental approach and take a few risks if they are going to be successful.
  • Be aware that there’s no way of hiding the film crew or director when you’re filming in 360 degrees. This means you’ll probably need to be patient and do several takes of each scene to capture the full panorama without anyone appearing on camera that shouldn’t be there.

VR may be new but it’s predicted to become mainstream very soon. Savvy brands that want to stand out will need to start experimenting with VR sooner rather than later if they want to be ahead of the game when it comes to brand storytelling by VR.

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