3 Proven Strategies to Boost Your LinkedIn ROI

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If you’re marketing and growing a business in the B2B arena you’ll know how important LinkedIn is as a tool for growth. While LinkedIn has been around for many years, there have been a number of tools recently released that are designed to help marketers boost their visibility and get new leads through LinkedIn.

While it’s common to dedicate time and money to educating people and building your own credibility on LinkedIn, if you know what to do you can also use LinkedIn as a very effective way to grow your leads and boost your conversion rate.

LinkedIn recently published a guide showing how three organisations in the tech space successfully used LinkedIn to boost their ROI and grow their brands. Here are the top three tips they had for organisations looking to boost their results from their LinkedIn marketing.

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Reach a wider audience using LinkedIn’s sponsored content. This lets you target who sees your content so you can get your brand in front of influential decision makers. Sponsored content also lets you conduct A/B testing so you can see what content works the best, from obtaining new leads to encouraging more conversions. With this data you can refine future marketing campaigns and enjoy a much better result.

Lower your lead acquisition costs

If you want to get a reasonable return on your marketing investment, it’s important to keep your costs down. There are a few ways you can do this on LinkedIn, using data analysis, engagement tools and customised campaign asset features. By using all the tools at your disposal you can better target your customers, improve the quality of your leads and keep your costs to a minimum.

Improve your cross channel marketing

Effective cross channel marketing is important for any organisation and if you’re going to market yourself you need to be able to reach your target customers wherever they are online. Because many B2B customers spend time on LinkedIn, it can be a great way to get more traffic to your website and promote your business as a whole across different platforms.

When it comes to improving your ROI on any form of marketing, it’s all about conversion rates at the end of the day. If you are getting plenty of leads but none of them are becoming paying customers, your ROI is going to be low. Using LinkedIn’s marketing tools can help you create campaigns that not only generate leads but also turn those leads into real life, paying customers, thereby improving your ROI.

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