Cracking Great Customer Experience in Asia

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Customer experience is the mainstay of any successful organisation, but what about if your customer base is in Asia? Asian consumers, while similar in many ways to Australian ones, do have different expectations when it comes to the level of customer experience offered by the brands they buy from.

Many organisations are looking to reach the rapidly growing Asian consumer market. If you’re interested in targeting this demographic, or if you want to improve the level of your service offering to your Asian consumers, here are a few tips from the latest Trendwatching newsletter that might help.

Embrace social sharing

Status has always been a strong motivator for Asian consumers and with the widespread nature of social media, creating experiences that are worthy of sharing on Instagram and Weibo are essential for brands marketing to Asian customers.

Whatever product or service you’re selling, think of how you can create as experience that’s worth sharing on social media. This may involve thinking outside the box a little but if you can do it, the results will be well worthwhile. Remember it’s not quantity that counts – bombarding your customers with marketing messages via social media is not the way to go. Instead focus on quality of experience and originality and most of all, shareability.

Save your customers time

Time is at more of a premium than it’s ever been before and consumers all over the world are looking for brands that can help them save time and complete tasks more efficiently. Customers don’t have hours to spend, and they want a product or service that just gets on with things without the need to pay it any attention.

The two words to consider here are attention saving and attention seizing. Asian customers are more concerned about making their lives as easy as possible than any other demographic and if you’re going to make an impression, you need to think about efficiency as a first priority.

Thanks to the rise of dual income households with two working parents, and the uptake of mobile technology, finding ways to save time on everyday chores is a huge priority for many Asian consumers. It’s also important that brands have a strong mobile presence if they are going to be successful at appealing to Asian consumers. The most successful brands in Asia are generally those who can combine the two.

Use data

Unlike Australian consumers, many Asian consumers are largely unconcerned with privacy issues, which means that there is a wealth of data available for you to use. Not only do consumers want you to make use of their data to improve the customer experience, it’s expected.

A focus on customer experience is essential for any brand that wants to attract new customers and encourage loyalty among their existing customer base. If you’re targeting the Asian market, customer experience is more important than ever. Hopefully these tips will help you create a customer experience that your Asian consumers will love.

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