Effective Branding for Professional Services Organisations

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Professional services organisations are notoriously difficult to brand. While most product-based organisations have got to grips with the concept of unique and consistent branding, in professional services many organisations struggle to articulate their unique value proposition.

Differentiating yourself is becoming increasingly important in a world where competition is fiercer than ever before. This means that if you are a marketer for a professional services organisation you can no longer afford to minimise the importance of effective branding, or rely on generic slogans to carry your organisation forward.

If this sounds familiar, here are a few things to think about, according to Beaton Global. By asking yourself a few questions you can get to grips with the core of what you stand for and present a consistent, unique brand.

What is your brand promise?

A brand is essentially a promise to your customers. As part of this promise you state the core values that you represent and create a certain level of expectation among your customers. It’s essential that your brand promise reflect the experience your customers receive when they work with you. This means if you’re promising to be fast, good value, innovative or anything else, the experience must back up your claims.

Is your brand promise relevant?

It’s not just important to live up to your brand promise, if you’re going to be able to market yourself with any level of effectiveness, your brand promise needs to be something that your customers find appealing and attractive. This means that while many brands call themselves ‘innovative’, they could be missing what their customers actually want which may be reliability, responsiveness or efficiency.

Make sure you do your homework and find out what your customers actually value in professional services organisations like yours.

How consistent is your brand experience?

When it comes to creating a strong, consistent brand you want to be sure you’re offering a consistent experience. Branding is not just about your logo and the way you present yourself in your marketing. For truly effective branding you need to create an experience that encapsulates your brand values each and every time your customers interact with you.

To create a consistent brand experience you need to ensure that all your employees are trained in your brand values and principles and that they use your brand’s tone and style to communicate with each other and with customers. You will also need to ensure that each and every time a customer comes into contact with your organisation, whether it’s through your website or by picking up the phone, they have a consistent experience.

While professional services branding may be somewhat more complex than branding a product based organisation, it’s well worth making the effort to create a consistent, effective brand for your professional services organisation. Those brands that can successfully stand out are likely to reap great rewards in the near future.

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