How to Become An Influential CMO

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Do you want to be at the top of your field? As a marketer, being a CMO for a large organisation is generally considered to be the top rung of the career ladder. If you’ve got career progression in your sights you might be interested in some of the findings of a recent report conducted by Forbes. This report looks at some of the top CMOs in the world and analyses a few of the factors behind their success.

One of the most interesting revelations in this report is the fact that there are certain common habits that influential CMOs all share, especially when it comes to their presence on social media. Anyone who is hoping to improve their influence as a marketer can benefit from seeing how the top names in the business work.

When it comes to being an influential marketer, it’s all about relationships and this means getting noticed on social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. According to the report from Forbes, the top marketers all spend a lot of time building their personal networks on social media. The report discovered that the most influential CMOs tweet an average of once a day while other CMOs tweet less than once every two days.

It’s not just about Twitter either, the top CMOs are also very active on LinkedIn with almost twice as many connections as the typical marketer. They are proactive about building their profile on LinkedIn and are continually growing their networks and making new connections.

While they work on behalf of the brands they work for, the top CMOs also work on building their personal profile by engaging in conversations and discussions across Twitter and other platforms. Engaging in different industry related conversations is a great way to reach more people, make connections and grow your visibility online and it’s something that marketers should be actively doing on a regular basis.

Learning more about the habits of successful CMOs is a great way to get some tips to help you work more effectively as a marketer. By engaging regularly on social media and making an effort to build your professional network you can grow not only the organisation you’re working for but also boost your credibility and reputation.

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