How to Sell When You Hate Selling

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Hate selling? You’re not alone. If you are in business for yourself, your entire livelihood depends on your ability to sell, but like most things in life, if you hate doing something you’re probably not going to spend the time and effort required to get good at it. And as a soloist or small business owner, that could be disastrous.

When you decided to become a self employed accountant or freelance graphic designer, you probably didn’t envision selling as a major part of your new job but as a soloist you are your entire sales department. This means you’re going to need to at least start tolerating the process of making a sale, even if you’re never going to love it.

There is a trick to getting used to selling, and with a bit of a shift in your mindset you can go from selling hater to successful sales person. You never know, you might even enjoy it.

Still not convinced? When it comes to successful selling it’s all about your attitude. The trick to enjoying selling is to change the way you think about it. Here’s how.

What does selling mean to you?

Chances are when you think about a salesperson you get the image of a pushy used car salesman or that aggressive telemarketer you hung up on last week. If this is how you view being a sales person and making a sale it’s no wonder you hate the idea.

Nobody wants to be that person and the good news is that not only can you be successful without having to resort to pushy sales tactics, you should be avoiding them at all costs anyway.

A successful sales person is not the person who pressures people into buying something they didn’t need or want in the first place or harasses them at home in the evenings. This is not an example of good sales. A good sales person is concerned with helping an interested buyer make the right decision for them. To be successful you need to sell someone something they actually want.

Successful sales are win-win

Rather than thinking about the process of making a sale as you convincing someone to buy your most expensive product or service, think about how you help solve your customers’ problems. What can you do to help them? If you can make the process more of a conversation than a sales pitch you can work towards finding a solution that helps them solve a problem, while you make a sale. It’s win-win.

Focus on the other person

One great technique to make the sales process less painful is to take the pressure off trying to present or pitch your products and services and focus more on the other person. Talk to them about their needs, their problems and their business. Listening is the best sales tool there is.

Know your value

One of the main reasons people hate selling is due to lack of confidence. A half hearted salesperson is not going to be a successful one unfortunately so it’s important that you know exactly what it is you’re selling, and where you can bring value to your customers’ lives.

By changing your mindset around selling you can reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall results.

Do you hate selling, or do you love it?

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