Loyalty Marketing: How to Keep Your Existing Customers Happy

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As a soloist, marketing is an activity that probably takes up a significant amount of your time. This is time that could be better spent elsewhere and there is one no brainer strategy that can dramatically cut the amount of time and money you need to spend on your marketing.

It’s simple. Keep your existing customers happy so you don’t have to spend all your time going out and looking for new ones. Not only that but loyal customers will tell other people about you and market on your behalf.

While loyalty marketing is nothing new, it’s a strategy that’s especially well suited to soloists and small business owners who might not have the time and inclination to be constantly out there pushing for new business.

These days loyalty marketing is more important than it’s ever been before. Google has given customers the ability to research businesses and find cheaper solutions to their problems so if they aren’t happy with what they’re getting from you there is very little standing in the way of them going elsewhere.

Loyalty marketing is far more than just offering people a loyalty card. If your loyalty marketing strategy is going to be effective you need to differentiate yourself from the rest of the market and show your customers that you are in tune with their needs. This requires a creative approach and as a soloist you are in a unique position to take advantage of this.

Here are a few ideas for low cost, low maintenance loyalty marketing campaigns that will help you keep your customers coming back for more:

  1. Offer experiences rather than straightforward product discounts. While a discount is great, an experience is something that your customers will remember and tell their friends about. Many businesses these days offer exclusive VIP experiences in the form of events, trips, talks or something more. By providing an experience you will be giving your loyal customers something they will remember and talk about and also help them engage with your brand on a more meaningful level.
  2. Consider providing optional extras for loyal customers. Rather than just giving them a coupon or discount, you could consider adding extras that will enhance your regular customers’ experience with your business. This could come in the form of premium services that you add on for your loyal customers, or an optional extra you throw in the next time they make a purchase.
  3. Tailor your bonuses. Where possible, let your customers choose their bonus rather than giving one free gift or offer for everyone. This means you can appeal to their many and varied tastes and your customers will appreciate the opportunity to select the bonus that best appeals to them.

While there are infinite ways you can reward your regular and loyal customers, these three suggestions will at least get you started. Loyalty marketing is such an effective strategy that it’s something most businesses can’t afford to ignore – by keeping your existing customers happy you can enjoy a steady stream of revenue and plenty of referrals so it’s well worth taking the time and effort.

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