The Benefits of Creative Loyalty Marketing

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You probably already know how important loyalty marketing is but how much of your time do you actually spend marketing to your existing customers and encouraging them to come back time and time again?

Loyalty marketing is more important than ever these days. Thanks to the power of Google it’s never been easier for your customers to research your competitors, find better deals and switch to another provider. Giving people a reason to stay with you is essential. If you want to see the best results your loyalty marketing should go beyond simply issuing them with a loyalty card and sending them on their way.

Why bother with loyalty marketing?

Loyalty marketing can seem time consuming and it may feel like an unnecessary investment of your time and energy but taking a bit of time to keep your existing customers happy can really pay off in terms of increased sales and referrals.

Generally it’s going to be easier to keep your existing customers coming back for more than having to spend your time getting out there and constantly marketing to new customers. Because of this it makes good business sense to spend some time and energy creating a killer loyalty program.

Tips for great loyalty marketing

Consumers these days are looking for more than just a product discount to keep them loyal over time. They also want to know that the organisations they are purchasing from share their values and really care about them. If you’re going to keep your customers loyal you will want to make sure you demonstrate that you understand their priorities and needs and this means providing benefits beyond just financial.

Some ideas that work well for loyalty marketing campaigns include allowing your customers an opportunity to support a good cause when they buy from you, giving your regular customers other benefits like premium services and extra perks and of course the standard loyalty discount or points scheme.

Experience based loyalty rewards are a great way to build brand loyalty and create a memory that your customers will want to talk about to their friends and colleagues. Think about how you could provide an experience with an exclusive event, or by teaming up with other businesses to package your products or services together in a unique or exciting way.

Whatever loyalty benefits you do decide to create, make sure they are tailored to the individual or they’re able to be customised. Individual, tailored experiences and products are important to consumers these days so giving options will make a big difference in earning the goodwill of your customers.

Loyalty marketing is a crucial part of retaining your customers and growing your business and it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to help you make your loyalty marketing really stand out and keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

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