6 Visual Elements of an Effective Sales Email

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When it comes to creating that perfect sales email it’s not all about content. Appearances will make a big difference to whether or not your email gets opened and read. People tend to judge a brand’s trustworthiness and credibility by its appearance and this means that you’ll want to make sure your sales emails look the part.

Following on from my previous post about sales email content, here are some tips on sales email design and visuals that will help you create visually appealing, effective marketing emails.

  1. Great design: There is no excuse for poorly designed sales emails these days. Most of the major email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Aweber offer a huge array of professionally designed templates for their users. You don’t need any design skills, just drag and drop to create eye catching, visually appealing emails.
  2. Consistent branding: Whatever design you use, it’s crucial that your sales emails are recognisable as coming from you. This means the design should be consistent with your business branding, including the colours, fonts and your logo.
  3. Plenty of white space: Over cluttered sales emails are a huge no-no. Think about minimalism and plenty of white space otherwise your readers could find them too overwhelming.
  4. Images: While you don’t want to include too many overwhelming visual elements in your emails, you do want to include at least one image. Images are very powerful and attention grabbing so it’s a good idea to use them in your sales emails to break up the text and give them a little bit more punch.
  5. Video content: More and more marketers are starting to experiment with using video content in their emails. Video content has been shown to get a good response so far and it’s well worth a try if you want to increase your user engagement and boost your click through rates.
  6. Mobile friendly design: With more and more people viewing emails on their mobile devices, you want to be sure that your sales emails will look good and be readable across every platform including mobile. Most email design templates are mobile friendly, but always check how your email looks on mobile before hitting the send button.

Once you have the content and the design sorted, there are just a few more touches your marketing email needs to make it truly effective as a sales tool for your brand.

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