8 Elements of Killer Sales Emails

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Creating the perfect sales email might take a bit of time and effort but it’s well worth it. Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of increasing website traffic, improving your conversion rates and growing your brand and if you are going to make the most of the opportunity you will want to ensure your sales emails incorporate all the following:

  1. A purpose: Each and every sales email you send should have a purpose. Don’t make the mistake of sending marketing emails for the sake of it, or because you haven’t sent one for a while. You should always consider the purpose of any sales email before you send it.
  2. Targeting: Back when email marketing first started, most marketers applied a ‘spray and pray’ approach where they sent a single email to as many people as possible. These days that approach is not likely to get you great results. Instead, successful email marketers work by segmenting their audience into groups and targeting each group with different email content.
  3. An irresistible offer: Each sales email you send should contain an offer that is enticing and irresistible to your customers. If your offer isn’t compelling or relevant to your readers you’re not likely to see much in the way of success.
  4. A link to your website and/or blog: Sales emails are a great way to drive traffic to your main website or blog. This helps you convert your email subscribers into paying customers or clients and build engagement. Never miss out on an opportunity to add a link to your website when you send a sales email.
  5. Social sharing buttons: Like a link to your blog or website, social sharing buttons are an essential element of any sales email. By adding in social sharing buttons you can encourage your email recipients to share your content with their networks and grow your visibility in the process.
  6. An easy way to forward your content: Make it easy for your email recipients to share your offers and content with their friends by including a forward link in your sales emails. By encouraging people to forward on your offers you can grow your customer base with no effort whatsoever on your part.
  7. Your information: Make sure your sender information is clearly displayed on your sales emails – it’s often a good idea to include a footer or email signature that has your contact details and business name. This helps build trust with your recipients and makes it easy for them to see who the sender of the email is.
  8. An unsubscribe button: This is a legal requirement. Make sure there’s a link so that your readers can unsubscribe easily from your emails. This is included as standard by most reputable email software providers – where possible it’s a good idea to seek feedback from recipients who unsubscribe. This can give you some really valuable insight into their reasons for unsubscribing so you can improve in the future.

Hopefully this blog series has helped you make sense of sales emails and pick up some tips to help you with your next email marketing campaign.

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