App Marketing – A Few Tips from Google

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App marketing is a competitive industry and while most brands know about the benefits of creating a specific app for their users, once the app is out there, getting the word out among all the many other hundreds and thousands of competing apps is often a big challenge.

Google has some great insights to share about app marketing, and many of these will benefit brands looking for ways to get more traction with their apps. I have worked with many clients who have struggled to get their apps out there and build up a strong following and while it can be tricky, following some of this advice can help you keep your app marketing moving forward.

  • Seek user feedback on which features are the most beneficial and desirable. They might not be the features you think of initially. There is no substitute for speaking to your users and finding out why they love your app and what features or lack of features frustrate them. Once you understand what the best features are in the eyes of your users you can better tailor your marketing to promote the features people want more of.
  • Focus on retention. App retention is crucial to the success of your app in your overall marketing strategy. Your app is intended to encourage ongoing interaction and engagement with your brand. If people download it then delete it, it defeats the purpose. Before you waste time getting more people to download your app, you will need to look at why it isn’t being used and fill those holes or all the leads you get in are just going to pour out the other end and your marketing will all be for nothing.
  • Target users who engage with your app. Rather than just marketing your app to users who download and then don’t use it, look at the characteristics of the people who download and regularly engage with your app. These are the customers who you want to target and bring in and once you have defined their main characteristics and features you will be able to better target your app marketing efforts to reach more of these people.

An app is a great way to enhance your mobile presence, engage with your users and grow your brand, but it’s important that you go about marketing your app strategically. Hopefully these tips will help you get more out of your app marketing so you can create a loyal base of happy app users who will go on to become paying customers.

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