How to Get Better Search Engine Rankings Without a Lot of Effort

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SEO is one of those essential business tasks that many of us procrastinate on – I know I have in the past! The general opinion of search engine optimisation seems to be that it either requires a high level of technical expertise or a bottomless pool of money to spend on professional SEO consultants but this isn’t necessarily the case.

As someone who has spent a lot of time and effort teaching myself about SEO I can tell you that it is possible to improve your search engine rankings without a huge SEO budget or massive technical skills. You just need to be prepared to put in a bit of time but the results are well worth it as when it comes to getting noticed online, organic search still rules.

Here are a few things you can do right now that will help boost your Google presence:

  1. Make use of Google My Business. If you haven’t yet claimed your listing on Google My Business, you could be missing out on a lot of business, especially through mobile search. Google My Business is a directory that’s run by Google and it is perfect for businesses that operate a bricks and mortar store. Creating and maintaining a well optimised listing here is a great way to take advantage of local traffic and increase your mobile presence.
  2. Find great keywords. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to find the best keywords for your industry. All you need to do is type a broad keyword into Google and look at the Adwords ads that come up. These ads will be packed full of optimised keyword phrases that someone else has spent time and money researching. A quick glance through these and you can just pick a few out of them that work for your meta titles and descriptions.
  3. Optimise your photos and images: Optimising images for search is one simple SEO technique that many people neglect. Generally speaking it’s easier to get a good position on Google Image Search than general search because there’s less competition. Optimising your images means creating really specific file names for each photo and placing long tail keyword phrases in the alt text.
  4. Pay some attention to your outbound links: While inbound links are undoubtedly the most important, your outbound links are also worth paying some attention to. If you link to anyone make sure it’s a reputable, authoritative site. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of linking to quality reputable sources whenever you create a new piece of content for your site.

While these tips are not going to guarantee you the top spot on Google, chances are they will help you improve your search engine rankings, and they won’t take a lot of time or money. Why not give them a go – you’ve got nothing to lose!

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