Tagga – A tool for Advanced Segmentation and Email Automation

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Email segmentation and behavioural targeting are a part of so many successful marketing strategies these days and as a marketer you can and should be taking advantage of the many tools out there that are developed specifically to make segmentation and targeting easier.

One tool that came to my attention recently is a new addition to email marketing platform Campaign Monitor. They have just added a new tool called Tagga that helps their customers capture customer behaviour across different touchpoints and use it in their segmentation, personalisation and marketing automation.

Tagga is suitable for organisations of all different shapes and sizes, including Flight Centre in Canada who have started using it to boost their engagement by creating advanced segments and sending highly personalised emails to different segments of their audience. These segments include cruise fans, millennials and different groups with different average spends.

One advantage of Tagga, as exemplified by Flight Centre, is that it allows them to link their revenue to their email activities and get a clear picture of how much revenue their email marketing is actually generating. It also makes it easy for Flight Centre to run an automated re-engagement program to target their inactive subscribers.

While you might not have the marketing budget that Flight Centre does, there are plenty of ways tools like Tagga can benefit smaller organisations. Email automation and personalisation are not optional extras these days, they are essential for anyone who is running an email marketing campaign. The problem many organisations have when they are trying to create automated sequences is lack of reliable data, or data that isn’t integrated across different systems and platforms.

Finding a tool that can link your subscribers’ behaviour across multiple platforms means you can get a more complete picture of who you are targeting and their interests. This will in turn help you create more effective marketing emails and get better results.

One great feature of tools like Tagga is that they let you track your customer’s full journey to conversion. This will give you a far better insight into the success of your email marketing than ever before and lets you see exactly what role email marketing plays in the overall customer journey.

There are plenty of fantastic email marketing tools out there that can help businesses of all sizes get better results from their email marketing. Tagga is just one of the many, but if you’re a Campaign Monitor user, it’s well worth a look.

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