Why the Customer Journey is Just As Important As The Destination

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When we look at our customers and how they buy from us it’s usually with a focus on making that final sale, but looking at the end result and neglecting the process can be detrimental to your marketing strategy. Your customers’ journeys are varied and they may arrive at your products or services by a circuitous route.

If you can understand how and why your customers buy from you and why they return over and over again, you can improve your marketing strategy and get much better results. Learning more about your customers’ journeys with your brand also lets you focus your marketing on the strategies that actually work instead of the ones you think work.

How to look at your customer journeys in depth

To get an accurate picture of your customers’ journey you need to gain an insight into each step of their journey across multiple channels and platforms. While this can be difficult, it is possible if you are savvy and use the right tools. More and more tools are being developed that let you track each stage of your customer journey across different channels so you can see if they have come from social media, your website, PPC ads or another channel.

How to leverage your customer journey to provide a better experience

Once you understand all your customers’ different touchpoints, it’s easy to find ways to enhance their experience at each different stage of the journey. This will not only help to move them down the sales funnel, it will also help you build loyalty to your brand.

These days with so much competition going on, it’s important for brands and organisations to find ways to differentiate themselves. Providing an outstanding level of customer care at each stage of the journey is a great way to do this and ensure that your target audience remember you for all the right reasons.

When you think about leveraging your customers’ journey the best way to look at it is with a view to adding value. What can you do at each different touchpoint to make things easier or more enjoyable for them? It’s not about taking opportunities to push your products or services, but focusing on the needs of your customer and how they can benefit.

Once you’ve mapped out your customers’ journeys and seen where and how they are coming to your brand, you can develop ways to reach out to them and provide a better experience and level of service at each and every stage of their journey, not just the final destination.

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The era of data is upon us. 2015 is the year that those who are still relying on gut instinct to make marketing decisions are likely to fall behind as the marketers who use data start to leap ahead.



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